Dear Elyse...

i hear her soul is so unclean pure water could melt her

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After going back and watching them again (and forgive me if somebody has already brought this up), I’ve noticed that George has managed to mention Lizzie (not just comment—deliberately bring her up of his own volition) in EVERY Lydia episode in which he has appeared. That doesn’t sound like too much, but considering that’s 5 in a row, that raises a few red flags. This is especially since in the last one he basically said, “I’m totally mad that you hung me out to dry, Lizzie, but HAHAHA now I have your baby sis in my evil clutches.”

This is, of course, not the ONLY reason he is a slimy scumball from the sewers, but after reading through comments I’ve noticed that some people still view this as a perfectly okay relationship. In the nicest way possible: please open your eyes. This is unhealthy.

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